Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rihanna Outfit

Hey everyone. How are you. Feels like forever since we updated our blog. Been soo busy making clothes, shoes and bags have hardly had enough time to sleep muchless update. So anyway, this year we're changing up the format of the blog and incorporating more of our work into it. Belinda found us via this blog and asked could we recreate Rihanna's bondage style catsuit but change up the top bit a little. It was our pleasure to recreate, add our touch to it and work with her as shes got a great figure and personality to match!

She preferred it without jacket and boob tube straight across top, however we can create it same as Rihanna's! Please email us for ordering information at or add us on blackberry messenger pin 270DAFCE. We accept custom orders on all celebrity bodysuits, catsuits and fashion and deliver worldwide! And dont forget to visit our page and show your love by clicking the LIKE button. Until we meet again.....stay-oh-so-fab!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Grace Duprez

Happy new year everyone! Finally 2012 is here. Think this is one of the years similar to 1999 when everyone was panicking and worried the world would end. There is still a bit of anxiety and people often jokingly refer to the rumour of the world coming to an end this year. Not one to follow the crowd, so I will keep the faith and maintain a positive attitude. Since christmas I have been super busy and also super sick! It took me a while to get rid of this terrible and annoying bug and its still slightly lingering. I have been taking loads of vitamin c and lemsip daily to recover. So please pardon me, I will be doing the end of year wrap up in my next post. But for now its all about the wonderful creative designer Grace Duprez who I actually had the pleasure of recently meeting!

Grace Du Prez is a Constructed Textile Designer that creates statement jewellery pieces. She uses specialist digital embroidery techniques to create necklaces rings and badges. She has a bold use of colour and the glow-in-the-dark thread makes the graphic styles really stand out. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in July 2010 Grace Du Prez has been involved in various commission-based projects for Mint interior design shop, and all three of the art based pop up shop Guts For Garters. She has also been involved in a number of exhibitions including Talking Textiles in Milan at Ventura Lambrate, Secret Emporium’s events for Lovebox and Bestival, The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester, The Clothes Show Live 2011 and The Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane London. Over the Christmas period she has been trading at Stitch-Up London’s “Totes” Christmas market at The Ground Floor Left in London Fields, and The Secret Emporium’s Pop-Up Christmas Market at the Village Underground. Her work is developed through exploring the qualities materials, using a textile led method and allowing for an experimental approach to design. Du Prez’s new collection uses hairy cowhide and synthetic hair combined with chunky solid brass chain. This new collection will mark the launch of her new brand SAY GRACE NOW! For press enquiries please contact: Or visit
These accessories are totally awesome and definitely not your average pieces. Its creativity like this that gets my blood pumping. Keep up the good work Grace!