Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Runway Fashion pre-spring 2014



Riccardo Tisci has a lot to celebrate at the moment. Last week he received the International Award at the CFDAs, and last month he was a guest of honor at the Met Gala. (Then there's that very enticing yet still just speculated romance.) So why shouldn't he splash a confetti print across his resort collection for Givenchy, or show lots of sexy shoulder with gathered bandeaux, or sculpt festive new shapes — belted bell skirts! culottes! — or risk more upholstery jokes by bringing back those floral prints? We're still getting used to the sudden ubiquity of white lace, but most likely we'll be singing its praises by the time winter rolls around.

                   Gimme my Givenchy any day! Love the collection and what he's done with denim!


                    Riccardo Tisci Finds His Givenchy Man in the Favela

As the fashion set may not be aware, the 2014 World Cup will take place in Brazil, the second time the country has hosted the highest international football championship. Riccardo Tisci appears to be planning ahead with Givenchy's 2014 pre-spring men's collection, titled Favela 74. As the loaded name suggests, the collection is a concrete jumble of contrasting bold prints and vivid colors, as well as tropical and urban influences, recalling the designer's longstanding fascination with Latin America.
All the Givenchy staples—T-shirts, sweatshirts, bermudas, kilts, parkas—are given the mishmash treatment. Highlights include a wool and mohair grain de poudre tuxedo with ottoman satin lapels, reversible nylon coats, and bags (a first) braided from multicolored leather. And for those who didn't get enough of Kim Kardashian's optical florals from the Met Gala, there's plenty of those, too.      

                              Loving the pink hair models! Definitely a good look in my book!

                                                   DIOR CRUISE

      A bit tame in comparison to my designs, but nevertheless, still love the concepts and use of colour!



Chanel is more than a's a way of life! Shout out to my husband Karl, cheers for another bad-ass collection!

                       The Many Funny Faces of Cara Delevingne

With the face of an angel, distorted like a stoned she-demon (with the very strange and unsettling ability to cross one eye), Cara Delevingne will always mug for the camera...

 Its amazing how we glorify these models and make them into seemingly inhuman super-celebs. Don't get me wrong I love Cara, but personally just don't get what all they hype over her is about???? hmmm I always each his own! Until we meet again....stay...oh-so-fab! And remember you can see our amazing work on Instagram: Souzounoushi, and via facebook at