Friday, 24 February 2012

WHITNEY HOUSTON....gone too soon

This had to be one of the most shocking things of 2012. I remember being up late Saturday night when I received a message on my blackberry that Whitney had died. My first reaction was that it was just another one of those stupid broadcasts going around about celebs who have supposedly died but isn't true. So I said to myself, fake, and deleted message. Soon after I began to receive 1 ping after the other. So I thought let me check Twitter, cause if its true it would be all over Twitter. Sure enough to my surprise and sadness it was very true indeed. I grew up to Whitney and am very saddened by the seemingly untimely death of a mega superstar. We all fall down, but we get up, so I choose to remember her gift and nothing else! RIP will live on eternally through your music.

The best dressed of the night. My favorite has to be Fergies neo orange JPG couture lace dress. I love the sexy lace, bright vibrant color, and the sexy fishtail cut. Ooohlallal!! Sorry for the lapses in between posts...we've been incredibly busy making catsuits, studding up shoes and molding corsets! Our next post will cover the best from all the fashion week runway shows and a few bits of our latest designs! Until we meet again...stay-oh-so-fab!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Madonna Superbowl performance 2012

MADONNA, NICKI MINAJ, MIA, CEE LO GREEN, LMAO, heat up the Superbowl and break viewer records!

According to numbers released by NBC Sports on Monday, MADONNA's performance was the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show featuring entertainment on record -- and actually edged out the game's averages in both ratings and total viewers. This is why she remains the Queen of Pop,talk about her age all you want, MADONNA's superbowl performance proves she can't be touched! And by the way all the gorgeous clothing is courtesy of GIVENCHY HAUTE COUTURE! Until we meet again....stay.oh-so-fab and remember for up to the minute updates on our designs and progress follow us on twitter @SouzounushiVIP

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sheer Ectasy

Get ready for a sheer, see through sexy spring and summer. With loads of plastic, chiffon and other see through designs popping up everywhere, its quite easy to spot the trend!

BACKLESS dare as you bare..another trend to look out for
I am sooo excited about the mood of fashion right now. Everything is super sexy and super embellished with swarovski, pearls, beads etc. Just up my alley! DIESEL targeted!
Diesel is the target of a malicious spoof.After sending shockwaves through the blogosphere and bitter condemnation from Diesel, it turns out the Diesel for Women site is indeed a spoof started by Women on Waves. The Dutch non-profit issued a letter explaining that they, along with the activist group Yes Men, “designed the hoax to expose the violations of women’s rights that take place in the garment industry.” But why pose as Diesel? The organization cites the 2011 report “Captured by Cotton” which claims that companies such as Diesel exploit garment workers hired by subcontractors through the “sumangali scheme,” forcing women to work for years in anticipation of a lump-sum payment. The ad’s faux-factory, with its abundant abortion-related imagery, was intended to point out that many garment factory workers (75 – 90% of whom are women, average age 19) face unsafe conditions, rampant sexual harassment, poor healthcare and no maternity leave. Many of these factories are located in countries where abortion is illegal. Women on Waves is campaigning to make medical abortion available to women all over the world. May we recommend Well back to bling and shining shoes to design and catsuits to make! Until we meet again...stay-oh-so-fab my darlings!