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Most annoying celebs at Coachella

Well hello are you? I know you probably thought we forgot all about you? Not at all just busy with the ups and downs of every day life! Well here's a new post....a mixed bag with a little bit of everything.......

                        HOT TREND: LEGO BAGS

Spotted in the latest fashion shows, Lego studded clutch bags captured our attention...Meet young Italian designer Mariasole and discover how her idea became a label and a business called Les Petits Joueurs…Interview:MariaSole Cecchi:Originally, it was something that I wanted to do for myself, to personalize my handbag and one day I said to myself why not glue Lego pieces onto a bag and see what it looks like and that was exactly how I made the first bag which was the ‘Love’ one. The same night, I went out with that bag and I was hassled because everyone kept stopping me, saying ‘It’s amazing’, ‘It’s a bag with Lego’ and ‘where can I buy one?’, so I said ‘Actually, I made it myself’. That evening, I had already received a dozen emails from people wanting to buy one. Just like that, everyone loved them and I decided to go back home to Florence and to meet with manufacturers who produce for all the luxury brands.I had to make a massive Lego order. I got in touch with them and I said ‘Listen, I don’t know what to do, I have a lot of Lego orders to do, it’s for my bags, do you like them, I use your products everyday’ and they were absolutely delighted, they loved them and all the women who work for the company wanted a bag and in exchange, I received enormous parcels of Lego and Brick Lego. It was amazing and also very satisfying. Today I don’t have to suggest presents for myself, everyone knows all I have at home is Lego!




Naomi Campbell may be a flame-throwing, phone-chucking, lipstick-disapproving horror in heels, but give the diva credit where credit is due. At the 2014 GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend, the supe — in full fro, no less — voiced her support of transgender people in fashion, particularly transgender models.
"I encourage even more diversity in the fashion world, and that includes welcoming trans models to the runways," she said, name-checking Lea T and Carmen Carrera. "The truth is, LGBT culture and fashion go hand in hand. They flourish in light of making bold and brave statements."
It's been a good few weeks for the trans community. Earlier this month, Geena Rocero came out as a trans model in a moving TED talk.







The most annoying celebs at Coachella

Even before the practice of lavishing wads of money on celebs — and we use the term loosely — to wear a certain label came to light (Lea Michele is worth $20,000 to Lacoste? Uh, ok), Coachella was flirting with obsolescence. The spectre of pre-adolescent Nickelodeon stars crashing what was once a legit music festival with their denim micro-whatevers and faces full of bindi dots can be a hard pill to swallow, even for the most impressionable of teen-blogger audiences. As it turns out, even those bloggers are demanding payment.
So here they are, the most annoying celebrities of Coachella 2014, for reasons either abundantly clear or that we can't put into words.



WTF looks from Paris Fashion Week

They're intended to shock....and shock they certainly do!

But I gotta admit....those Chanel high top sneakers are!!!!!

McDonald's never looked better...MOSCHINO

Here's a treat just for you...the exclusive Moschino Winter 2014/2015 fashion show. I must admit....Jeremy Scott killed it! Thanks to him the McDonald's logo is now cool! We managed to get our hands on a few pieces of this collection. If you're interested in the bags and a few of the less expensive garments please check us out on instagram: @couturenmore
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