Saturday, 26 March 2011


Celebrities bodysuits trend has suddenly exploded this year in music videos. They are stunning to look at and accentuates toned celebs legs. Many music celebrities like Fergie,Britney Spears,Christina Aguilera,Beyoncé,Sakira have evolved and individualized this silhouette. Inner-as-outerwear has evolved since Madonna music video. Music celebrities are always bringing back the bodysuit costume to new heights. Recently Miley Cyrus new music video bodysuit with wings has been in the news. For Music entertainers Bodysuit Costume is a recurring trend in their musical performance.

Media has time to time compared Celebrities bodysuits with each other to get feedback from their fans and readers.Celebrities bodysuits has been paired with high heels as well as the controversial fishnet stockings, diamonds and tattoos to showcase a flamboyant video.Bodysuit has evolved from 80’s Spandex oh-so-hot Leotard to now highly embellished re-elaborated latex and PVC bodysuit. Black Color Bodysuit has been the most popular color for these music videos.

Many of our customers are now requesting that we custom design and produce bodysuits for them,which is fun and exciting as we can copy any design from photo or sketch or design a head turning one of a kind pop star look for them. They are bold, bodacious divas with the bodies and attitudes to carry this bare look off. Thanks to stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Beyonce...the bodysuit is here to stay! Stay abreast of the trends... thanks to modern technology we can custom make your design and have it delivered to you with the help of a few clicks! We do mail order worldwide and produce a variety of garments and us today to get yours (

Rihanna's made this zebra bodysuit famous and a regular request of our customers.

J'lo wears this amazing crystallized bodysuit in her recent On the floor video..we love it!

Until we meet again....stay oh-so-swagged- Lisa Couture