Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Every now and then you come across something or someone that grabs your attention. Such is the case with designer Loretta of Serene Order. I love her contemporary but edgy and fun collection. She recently was granted access to her own space on ASOS marketplace. Here's what she had to say about her recent addition as a boutique on ASOS:

What's Not To Love?

If you're getting bored of the same old, same old internet shopping experience check out Asos Marketplace. It has some hot emerging designer talent and it's like shopping in one big jumble sale with everything in there from breaking talent to vintage pieces. On top of that there are some rather nice multi-brand boutiques.
So Serene has been on asos Marketplace for a couple of months now and amongst it's hoard of treasures are some uber glam Jon & Joe dresses. Our favourite is the double layer strapless bodycon dress.

Even better, they take orders in your size so you never have the frustration of your size being out of stock. This little treasure trove has something for everyone and we just love it. From the way all the shoots have to be taken outside to the way the love quota keeps you posted on the labels you lust after - it really is like a stroll down Camden Market or Portobello Road (without the rain . . .)

My favorites from her shop...check her out and be sure to tell her Lisa Couture sent you!Take a peak here at what So Serene


Lots of diy inspiration: get busy with your buttons, beads and baubles!

So sick:

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.....outdoes himself!

You could walk a mile in Christian Louboutin’s ruby-red soles—and you’d better, for the price you pay—but his latest creation defies musculo-ambulatory possibilities. The limb-lengthening wizardry of Louboutin shoes have earned them an Oz-like acclaim among celebrities.

Now Louboutin has decided to put his good name toward a good cause, joining forces with the English National Ballet to produce a one-off design inspired by classical dance, a ballet slipper with a stiletto heel. Swathed in flesh-colored silk and Swarovski crystals, the Louboutins’ crowning glory are eight-inch heels (topping the brand’s tallest stiletto by a good two inches) that position the feet at near-vertical angles, executable only by professional ballerinas.

The ballet stilettos were commissioned as part of a silent auction to benefit the English National Ballet, a showcase that also includes exclusive pieces from Erdem and Agent Provocateur. We’ve seen our fair share of fantastical footwear over the years—Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo booties or Lady Gaga busting out those crazy Noritakas, along with a couple of tendons, surely—but even their eccentric ergonomics pale in comparison to this.
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Well I'm not sure what to make of them as I definitely couldn't wear them, but to each his own!

Of course they look good on Beyonce, but then again EVERYTHING looks good on her!

SHOE SLAVE: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN with one of his signature red soles entote!

Until we meet again....stay--oh-so-fab and p.s- to all you divas after Beyonce Bodysuits, Nicki Minaj catsuits, you can have them made to your measurements but remember: TIME+TALENT+LABOR=MONEY!!! CELEBRITY fashion costs!!! Surely, you can't expect to pay Primark prices for Couture clothing!

Love ya lots,
Lisa Couture!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Celebrity Style Stalker

After what feels like forever, we're back and full of fire! The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride - sprinkled with highs and lows...good and bad! We have been incredibly busy and our popularity increasing daily. It all started on Good Friday. As odd as this may sound....Its true! I attended a church service and was prayed for. The pastor annointed me and prayed that GOD would take me and my business to
another level. My life hasnt been the same since that day.
The phones haven't stopped ringing, with singers, producers, directors on the line all asking for one thing: US! They LOVE us, WANT us and NEED us! Since Good Friday our designs and accessories have been featured in 3 magazines, 2 music videos and a film and several other music videos are now lined up for the near future!
In addition to designing, we are now styling music videos and offering an image consulting service to singers and actors wanting advice and direction for their image and outward appearance. This feels like a dream because its exactly what we've been wanting to do for the last few years.
Call it a coincidence if you want..but its clearly evident to me...the power of prayer is undeniable!

We came across these great fashion finds and thought we'd share it with you...after all, we're far from selfish.....
Almost four months after the ravages of an 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, northern Japan is still reeling. Plenty of assistance has been offered and accepted, but help is still needed. For their part, from the other side of the world, the charitable folks at MYKITA sunglasses in Berlin have launched a special edition of their iconic FRANZ model, created in collaboration with Bernhard Willhelm. Inspired by the crimson disc of the Japanese flag, or Hinomaru, FRANZ For Japan shades are constructed in a matte white frame with red-mirrored stardust lenses, and limited to 100 pieces (at the time of this post, only 92 are left). Talk about rose-tinted glasses. All proceeds, minus the value added tax, will go to the Japanese Red Cross's relief efforts. €250, exclusively at

I love the red lens on these aviator glasses....feel free to send me a pair..wink wink!

Every time she walks from her hotel to the limousine, it's a catwalk," says Showstudio's Nick Knight, who directed the Born This Way video. Hear more of his glowing remarks in this marathon 13-minute video interview created by Blackberry...

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COUTURE WRAP UP....a summary of Couture looks on the runway for SS11
Karl Lagerfeld’s eternal flame burns with only one question: “Voulez-vous?” This is because Chanel, while fiercely loyal to its Parisian heritage, has never been one to shy away from theatrics or cheeky irony. The house's iconic tweed jacket may be a long-standing emblem of throat-clearing propriety, but when dusk fell upon Place Vendome, the traditional skirt suit was accosted by a band of model doppelgangers. Cold-shoulder cuts, slashed cuffs, and even floor-length skirt suits were paired with black lace, blindfolds, and go-go boots. And when closing, model Saskia de Brauw emerged, virginal and ethereal in a gown made from soap-white silk, the toe caps on the other models’ shoes lit up, as though in yet another saucy riddle: “How does a night on the town usually end for good little bad girls? In marriage of course.”
Looks we love...
Azzedine Alaia
Jean Paul Gaultier

Had to share cus their outfits are fierce...Rihanna, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

Have a is meant to be funny!

Until we meet again.....stay-oh-so-fab. Make sure to check in for your daily dose of everything fab! Things are certainly bout to heat up!
Signed....Lisa Couture
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