Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Don't wake me up........Chris Brown

I first saw this video a few weeks ago on a music channel. From the moment I heard Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown I knew it was a certified number 1 hit!

I suppose you all wonder what Ive been up to during this long absence! Well where do I start? Been running Fashion Basement, our monthly designer pop up sale in Shoreditch, London, getting ready to showcase our celebrity bodysuits, catsuits and more in 2 amazing fashion shows....and thats only the beginning!

This Friday, June 29th at 9pm sharp you can catch us as we dazzle, sparkle and shine on the catwalk for the Miss Penguin PR launch party at the famous Faces Night Club in Essex. Show starts 9pm sharp and admission is FREE for all! So come out, dressed to impress and prepared for the show of your life!

Then on July 8th, we hit the stage again for an exciting show for an amazing cause! Its Expressionist Ents charity fashion show at the Camden Centre, Kings Cross, London. This is set to be a great night of exclusive fashion, fine cuisine, and top entertainment with a special appearance by one of the UK's hottest female artists; May7ven. Please show your support and love and purchase a ticket for this event. Tickets are gong fast but still a few more available.
  For tickets and more information please contact the event director Haylee on 07535923074

Summer  Trends
Now that we've got the important stuff out the way, lets do what we do fashion! I've been noticing a trend in makeup, especially on the eyes .....I love it although at times it can be a bit too much..what do you think?

Its funny how all these decorated collars are popping up everywhere....first seen on the catwalk (Prada) now in virtually all high street stores...meanwhile we designed a denim catsuit with a removable collar 3  years ago! Its soo funny how we sometimes create fortunes and undermine

                                                  SHOCK OUT
Shocking, neon, fluro, vibrant colors are everywhere! I think its just what we need to rejuvenate the drab and drear of wearing black and grey every day!

                                             BODYSUITS, BRALETS, & CORSETS

Sure these have all been around for decades, but they're now all emerging as staples and standard garments in evey fashionistas wardrobe. High street stores are definitely doing their research as most of what is now available resembles what some of our favorite celebs wear on stage and videos! Although, you still would probably have to go custom made, to get a really over the top look, theres still a great variety available online and at stores!

                                                         I BELIEVE I CAN FLY
This is a very bold trend, somewhat theatrical, and definitely not for your average 9 -5 er. Wings on dresses, hoodies, etc is a look I love, but not sure I could pull off! These dresses are all beautiful though, no denying that! Well.......we come to the end of our time together. Thank you for visiting our blog and do remember our main line is fashion design and customizing! If you want a fabulous dress or celebrity catsuit designed just for you, us at We ship worldwide to all destinations and also accept pay pal.

Until we meet again.....stay....oh-so-fab!