Saturday, 30 April 2011

Celebrity Catsuits

Get the same styles you see Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce and other celebs wearing. If you're a real celebrity style stalker you know that catsuits and bodysuits are one of the hottest fashion trends to hit the runway and now transformed into the lives of fashionistas every where! We specialize in celebrity fashion and create any style for you from photo or sketch..and best of all we ship worldwide! Here are our favorite celebrity catsuits......

Nicki Minaj in pearl and swarovski see through catsuit......made by my favorite designers The Blonds..I absolutely love it! If you dont have thousands to spend why not let us recreate the essence of this design?

Rihanna bondage style...although this is actually leggings with a top, it would look great as a one piece catsuit...we have already made this style for customers.

Britney Spears bling and mesh catsuit...absolutely adore this..not sure who the designer is but its similar to Nicki Minaj's pearl and swarovski catsuit.

Nicki wore this look during her visit to London in 2011. I love this because it can be worn day or night..we have also recreated this style.

Lady Gaga in a selection of catsuits...all very creative and outstanding.

Rihanna latex catsuit with bolero jacket..this is for the hard core divas!

Eliza Doolittle....this is a great catsuit because you can wear it every day or dress it up for evening events!

Masha Wild in a lacy see through catsuit by Alexander McQueen..simple but haute!

Paloma Faith in a Hakaraia studded catsuit..definitely couture cutie this one!

A selection of over the top catsuits and jumpsuits from the late great Alexander McQueen.

Amber Rose in floral lycra catsuit..simple but still stylish.

A selection of Couture Cutie catsuits...all made to order!! You are now connected with the source to get your celebrity catsuits, bodysuits and more made to your measurements! Email us to get started (

Until we meet again..stay..oh-so-fab