Monday, 2 May 2011

Haute Couture

Absolutely amazing dresses.....looks like Amato Couture is unstoppable!

Slashed sneaker / sandals from ANDREA CREWS

The power of imagination is undeniable as this pvc biker jacket from COMMES DES GARCONS clearly shows us the art of creativity....this is my new true love!

I guess Jeremy Scott has a lot going on these days! He just wrapped up a crazy, ravetastic fashion show in New York for Fall 11, launched a collaboration with Swatch (with his face in Times Square above the store), and I just clicked over to Colette to see these INSANE shades he just put out with Linda Farrow. Club kids everywhere rejoice!
via Is Mental

Karl Lagerfeld Is Ice Creaming for Baptiste Giabiconi

Sometimes we forget that a nimble team of sewing prodigies must be employed to bring a designer's sketch to life, yet never recognized when the designer takes his bow on the runway. So when, after directing a series of TV commercials, Karl Lagerfield partnered with Magnum ice cream to create a life-sized Paris hotel room made entirely of Belgian chocolate, including a near-naked Baptiste Giabiconi reclining on a chocolate bed, we couldn't help but wonder, um, who carved the bulge? No really, look closely and you’ll notice the male muse's unmistakable choco-excitement.

Magnum, which describes the Magnum Classic, the one Giabiconi is holding, as a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick, covered with white or dark chocolate. Let's not kid ourselves here, who doesn't want to think about a chocolate-covered Giabiconi on a hot summer's day while licking a cream bar?
via Hint

Until we meet again...stay-oh-fab!